James Yap makes up lost time with Bimbi

James Yap makes up lost time with Bimbi

The star player of B-Meg Derby Ace is trying to spend more time with his 3-year-old son Baby James by estranged wife Kris Aquino whom he didn’t see for 3 weeks.

The kid is back in Manila from a vacation in the United States with her mom and step bother Joshua, Aquino’s son from a previous relationship.

James yap was seen bonding with son Baby James after his basketball game last Friday. When asked if he would still fight to save their marriage despite Aquino’s pronouncement that reconciliation was already impossible, Yap just said it is for him to decide.

The cager has chosen not to be drawn into a television-talk match with Aquino following her interview on “The Buzz” on Sunday where she declared that their marriage couldn’t be save anymore.

Although Yap has been accused by Aquino of infidelity, she said she has forgiven him because of their son. She reiterated however that her feeling toward him is gone and it would be best for both of them to go on separate ways.