Isabel Granada is laid to rest at 41 - Filipino Journal

Isabel Granada is laid to rest at 41

Isabel Granada is laid to rest at 41

Actress and famous child and teen star in the 1980s Isabel Granada passed away at 41 on November 4 in Doha, Qatar.

On October 25, after a meet and greet with her Filipino fans in Qatar, Isabel told her husband Arnel Cowley that she felt tired and dizzy. The actress dozed off and never woke up. She was was rushed to the Hamad General Hospital where she was tried to revive six times. Isabel went into a coma but her vital signs remained stable. She was declared brain-dead since October 27. The condition that led to her collapse was described as a brain hemorrhage indicating aneurysm, which in turn affected her heart.

The actress’ remains arrive in Manila on November 9 and were cremated on November 12. She was given military honors by the Philippine Airforce for serving as an airwoman second class sergeant for two years.

Granada’s last project was GMA-7’s Tadhana episode that aired on September 16, 2017. She was also a recording artist and released three albums in 1990, 1998 and 2000, and has staged a number of concerts.