How come? (Only in the Philippines)

It is useful and important to examine the enormous wrongs of what we see and experience everyday. As commonly said, if ain’t broke don’t fix it. But if it is, by all means let’s do something about it. The following are observations that are relevant and are causes for concern. And I feel disappointed and the dissatisfaction can be heard from the general public.

The trouble is that we have the same faces year in and year out in government. Most have deaf ears, and others are kapalmuks.

Why do we have to import galungong aka GG when our country has the longest shoreline and our water is bountiful with marine products? Why year after year, we have to import rice from Thailand and Vietnam when many countries only learned from us rice technology from UP Los Banios?

This one really piss me off. Why do security guards of some malls inspect the vehicle’s underneath and order the driver to open the trunk? Are they looking for a bomb? If somebody is carrying a bomb will he or she place it underneath or at the trunk? The guard is not even prying on the car’s flooring. Are the guards employed, can sniff like dogs?

The Department of Public Works and Highways should review the use of overpasses. The pedestrians don’t use them. They are not utilized because the people can still dash to the opposite side.

We can scratch our heads why it will take the Land Transportation Commission many months and in my case two years already before they can issue the license plates.

It seems the Commission on Elections is not aware that this is already the digital age. Voters bio was taken and were photographed for the Comelec identification card. But up to now and no ID yet. Whereas you can go to a mall or in a casino and register for membership and in a minute or so, you will have your membership ID. If these establishments can do it, why can’t the poll body do it?

How come law enforcers stop and fine a bike rider if he wears no crash helmet, yet he drives his own bike and wears no helmet? Law enforcer, law breaker.
How come many of our countrymen are so undisciplined in their homeland, yet when they are in other countries they follow all the rules. They even fall in line even when buying ice cream if they are abroad. They wouldn’t dare to chew a gum in Singapore.

How come passenger jeepneys stop and linger, wait and pick passengers, on exactly where the signs No Loading, No Unloading are? And how come some traffic enforcers are not even bothered? Just asking. Ang lagay laging ganyan na lang ba yan?

How come the DPWH is not fixing traffic lights on the highways. That’s their concern. Not the local government units where they are located. And what happens to the billions of pesos collected by the government called the Road Users Tax. That’s the money collected from vehicle owners everytime a car is registered and a registration is renewed. The intention is to make the road safe and in fine condition.

How come the government keeps beating it’s breast and boasting that the country’s gross domestic product ( GDP) keeps expanding yet it doesn’t cascade down and remained to most chinoy, kastilaloy and favored pinoy families. And nothing for every Juan. Taas na nga ng mga bilihin.

How come despite all these years of promises of better life for the Filipinos we are still the second poorest country in Southeast Asia?

Editor’s Note: Formerly newspaperman of Daily Inquirer and other major dailies; former TV and radio Broadcaster. Former Director of various corporations like Clark Development Co.; and a former City of Angeles Councillor. Now a regular columnist of Sun Star Pampanga.