Hot Rod Premium Sweet Longanisa takes a debut at Lucky Supermarket

Hot Rod Premium Sweet Longanisa takes  a debut at Lucky Supermarket

Your breakfast Longsilog will never be the same.

Now that breakfast Hot Rod Premium Sweet Longanisa is now available at the two Lucky Supermarket, ending the many years of excitement and anticipation to have the real meat Filipino favorite.

Last Saturday and Sunday, Hot Rod Cantiveros, owner and recipe holder had, a two-day sample tasting of Hot Rod Premium Sweet Longanisa. Offering to the shoppers, Hot Rod Cantiveros was totally engaged with the customers as they tasted the “No MSG added”, Gluten-free, No Artificial colour, chunky meat, no fillers or bread crumbs” longanisa sample.

“So delicious,” a comment which almost in unison by those who tried the longanisa. Most of the tasters would like to get some more samples and because of the quality of the longanisa, they could not stop asking for more.

“Wow, this is my first time to taste a real longanisa, and you have captured the very original texture of the Filipino longanisa,” one of the customers who was offered to taste the longanisa and then bought a package of longanisa, 450 grams (almost 1/2 kilo), complete with label and nutritional facts,
“Good for you, Tito Rod, at last we have our own longanisa made by Filipiino and made in Manitoba, hope for a successful launching of your meat product,” oone of our friends who came to sample the longanisa.

It took more than two years to launch the longanisa, and considered as the first real longanisa which made in Manitoba and owned by the Cantiveros Family Food Ltd.

We did some follow-ups and one lady says: “So delicious, and the longanisa did not shrink, unlike others.And my children love it.”

Hope that your next breakfast will feature our very own Manitoba made Hot Rod Premium Sweet Longanisa.

Some had made a request for a more spicy longanisa. “That will be our next product,” Hot Rod E. Cantiveros, says with smiles.

Go and visit the two Lucky Supermarket at Winnipeg Ave, near McPhllips and Notre Dame and the other branch at Jefferson Ave.