“Heneral Rizal”: raw nationalism unmasked!

“Heneral Rizal”: raw nationalism unmasked!

There is no Filipino film which has moved the very fiber of my own self; and passionately forwarded to so many friends to let them know that there is film to be seen on YouTube for free. The film “Heneral Rizal,” is full of raw nationalism and fully visceral in context and presentation, focusing on Paciano Rizal, the elder brother of the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Paciano Rizal was a member of the Katipunan led by Gat Andres Bonifacio who after the execution of Rizal, fully joined Katipunan to continue the fight against the Spaniards. He fought side by side by thousands member of the Katipunan aimed at freeing the Filipinos from the Spanish atrocities and dominance.

In the film, Paciano Rizal, played by a veteran actor Nanding Josef, refreshes the many memories of his martyred young brother, and his hopes and dreams for his country. In his passionate monologue, Nanding Josef, perfectly involved himself to play the role of Paciano. In his riveting role, Josef lamented the brutal destiny of his brother who had fought so hard, together with other Filipino expats in Spain; and to organize the La Liga Filipina, a non-violent crusade against the abuses of the Spaniards and this led to Rizal’s arrest and a death sentence for treason. Bonifacio continued the fight with open arms and Paciano became one of the most prominent members of the Katipunan.

Paciano, played by Nanding, had exposed his pains and sufferings for the death of his brother and accused some of the fake Filipino heroes who collaborated when the American took over the governance of the Philippines after the Spanish defeat. He passionately exposed his very raw feeling on what his brother Rizal got for his heroism. He cited painfully the suffering of his parents and the people of Calamba from the hands of the Spaniards, and from the Americans.

He cited the honors given to his brother Pepe, his picture on the cover of the box of matchsticks, the cold monument in every town and city plaza, the honors and lamentations on his birth and death and all the empty words of speeches by government officials; and by displaying his younger brother pictures in every classroom. Are these the only way to give for his heroism?

It seems that Paciano’s lamentation, through the emotional and yet professional performance of Nanding Josef, touches the nerves of a nationalist who exposed the weaknesses of the Filipinos, as if the religion introduced by the Spaniards; and the kind of government, implanted by the Americans failed. And that the Filipino people lost its war against the two dominant colonizers. And why the Filipinos in spite of education, of raw nationalism were also at the losing ends, making the Filipinos more impoverished.

And what honors that his brother, Pepe, deserved for dying to free the country from the abuses of the foreign invaders.

Presented at the Cinemalaya, a film festival in the Philippines, and produced by Tanghalang Pilipino in cooperation with Voyage Studio, the 22-minute film is available free and it is streaming “Heneral Rizal” through Pangsaman Tanghalan on the official Tanghalang Pilipino YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/PangsamanTanghalanHeneralRizal.

Written by Dr. Floro Quibuyen and directed by Chuck Gutierrez.

Watch “Heneral Rizal” in a youtube and strike your heart with the spark of your nationalism.