Help Conner & Carter flattenthecurve.together

Help Conner & Carter flattenthecurve.together

Conner and Carter Tongcua created flattenthecurve.together wristbands as a way to help essential front-liners and thsoe that are affected by COVID19 global pandemic.

The idea started out as their family were siting around the dinner table about a month ago and Conner felt bad for the people that can’t work, frontliners risking their lives and those that need help coping with pandemic. He wanted to help and give them hope, not just money. Carter, the youngest in the family suggested volunteering and unfortunately wasn’t an option as their grandmother lives with them and is among the most vulnerable.

That night, Conner and Carter came up with the idea of the flattenthecurve.together wristband. The project was a way they can help their family and others too. Portion of sale proceeds would go to one or more charitable organizations. The project would be a symbol of hope and strength during these tough times.

Conner and Carter’s parents help them setup the @flattenthecurve.together Instagram and PayPal accounts. After designing the wristbands, they finally arrived and the boys are ready to sell.

Prior to printing this edition of the Filipino Journal, the boys have raised over $200 and will continue to raise proceeds for charity. Check them out on Instagram and order your @flattenthecurve.together wristbands today!

Follow @flattenthecurve.together on Instagram and order your wristband today.