“Hello, Zaldy”

“Hello, Zaldy”

Zaldy Ampatuan got a call after he spilled the beans on ex-prez Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The conversation went this way:

Gloria: Hello, Zaldy.

Zaldy: Who’s this?

Gloria: This is Gloria. Remember me?

Zaldy: Oh, hi, ma’am. Of course, I remember you! How can I forget you? You still owe me P20 million!

Gloria: Hoy, tawad na lang, okay?

Zaldy: Anong tawad! You must pay what you owe me, ma’am! I delivered you the presidency in 2004! That’s worth more than P10 million. You should pay me P100 million instead.

Gloria: Okay, okay, I’ll increase it on one condition.