Hè Ho! Festival we go!

Hè Ho! Festival we go!

by: Ron Cantiveros

You may call it the winter edition of Folklorama. Festival du Voyageur is the 10-day winter festival celebrating French-Canadian culture and history. Voyageurs date back to early Canadian history and referred to the men who worked for fur trading companies.

Let this be the year where you embrace your inner voyageur at the 42nd annual Festival du Voyageur. Dance and sing-along to the traditional music, succumb to the hearty French-Canadian food and show off your skills at the voyageur games.

After 10 days of celebration à la Festival you might just have grown a beard, earned your ceinture flèchèe and learnded that caribou is more than a North American reindeer.

In honour of the voyageur spirit, the Festival du Voyageur`s emphasis is on the beauty of winter, with numerous historical, educational and entertaining activities – truly something for every age and every taste.

Festival du Voyageur kicks off the winter festival on February 18 and runs through until Febrauray 27.