Hair dos and hair don’ts

Hair dos and hair don’ts

A pinay’s guide to planning your big day

Deciding on your bridal hairstyle isn’t simply about wearing it up or down.

Buns? Braids? Curls? Waves? Will you wear it low by the nape of your neck, sitting pretty at the top of your head, or completely carefree and down? Will you pull your hair back, or create a sweeter look with some fringe bangs in front?

There are literally hundreds of ways to rock your locks on the big day. Note: it can be a teensy bit overwhelming when flipping through catalogues, websites and Pinterest boards jam-packed with so many inspiring recommendations. The question is – how do you choose?

Before you get overly excited about a particular hair do, make sure you have all your other ducks in a row. What you have in mind may turn out to be a disastrous decision if every other piece doesn’t fall into place.

To help you decide on a style, here are a few questions to consider:

•How would I describe the style of my dress? Sophisticated, sexy, romantic, casual, or whimsical? Think about matching your hair with the movement of your dress’s fabric. A softer silk asks for a sweet and loose hairstyle. A structured piece might match with a stiff, pulled-back look.

•What kind of skin does my dress show off? If you have a fairly conservative dress, perhaps you want to show off some skin around your neckline. Does your dress have a plunging back? Maybe you’ll want to sweep aside or pin up your hair so it’s out of the way and not distracting from your exposed parts.

•What kind of flowers am I having at the wedding? Once again, your floral décor sets the tone for your event. Whether you’re going with a more classic, organic or bold selection of petals and palettes, match your hairstyle with the floral mood.

•Will you be wearing a headpiece or a floral crown? Many brides fall in love with the idea of wearing a bejeweled or floral headpiece. If you plan on sporting something atop your head, make sure your hairstyle structurally fits with the crown in question.

Once you’ve decided on a style perfectly fit for you, connect with your hairstylist and book a hair trial. You’ll want to do this on a day that you can potentially wear the hairstyle out for an event or nice dinner, giving you an opportunity to see how the style holds during a longer window of time.

Congratulations, you’ve finally decided on how to wear your hair. The last step is to fiercely rock your beautiful look (matched by your gorgeous face) down the aisle on your special day!