With a guaranteed $20 million bag of money, Manny Pacquiao’s rematch with Bradley becomes more exciting to watch

With a guaranteed $20 million bag of money, Manny Pacquiao’s rematch with Bradley becomes more exciting to watch

Canton Food Gallery offers only $15 for the fight and for the buffet

There is no other place than the Canton Food Gallery where you can have both worlds: world of food thru the buffet; and the world of boxing between the Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao and welterweight titlist, Timothy Bardley! Buffet food and boxing for just $15! And if you want just to see with no buffet, pay $5.00 at the door!

With the advancement of technology, the boxing bout is too close to reality, when the rematch will be held at MGM Las Vegas and you can view at Canton Buffet Gallery on the large screen- Live Pay Per View! At Canton Buffet Gallery you will feel as if you were at the ringside!

The 1st encounter between Paquiao and Bardley was last June 2012 and considered as the most controversial decisions in boxing history. At that 2012 fight, Bardley was awarded a split-decision victory that gave him a 147-pound world title and left the world with downright disbelief over the 115-113 scorecards he received from the judges Duane Ford and C.J. Rose. Jerry Roth had it 115-113 for Pacquiao.

Top Rand Promoter Bob Arum told ESPN: “My feeling is that if this were the next fight then maybe the result would be really relevant. But it’s a different Bardley now, having had the great fight with Russian Provodniko and beating Juan Manuel Marquez, I sort of think what happened in the first fight, whether you think the result was just or unjust, is yesterday’s news.

Arum said that if they bring up the first fight, it is irrelevant. He thought like everybody else that Pacquioa won the find and he was shocked when he heard the result.

Arum said that Pacquiao will be guarenteed with $20, a $6 million cut from the first fight and Bardley would receive $6 million, a $1 million raise from
the first fight. Both fighters will also be cut in for an upside of the pay-per-view profits.

So, for a great buffet and a memorable rematch fight at $15.00, phone Canton Food Gallery for reservation: 204.786.8860.

Enjoy Pacquiao and Bradley’s rematch at Canto Food Callery, at the corner of McPhillips and Logan Ave. Going back enjoying the food; and round by round, you will love the fight!