Graduates of 2020 were among the greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has witnessed the devastation it has brought to graduating students.

In Winnipeg, Mario T Mance P Eng Memorial Scholarship, through the late Mario Mance’s wife Vangie Mance, saw the disappointment of many students through their posts on social and this broke her heart.

“Because of the pandemic, graduates were not able to go to their grad dinner which they have long prepared for. They could not even go up on stage to receive their diploma, a dream for both students and parents,” Mance said.

Mance realized that the students deserved a celebration. “I thought that even there’s a pandemic, it’s still possible to celebrate their graduation but with restrictions.”

The Mario T Mance P Eng Memorial Scholarship posted an invite to graduating students on some Facebook groups where 20 graduating student registered for a special night of dinner and recognition.

Students, parents and guests gathered at Max’s Restaurant on July 9th to recognize and celebrate the graduates of 2020.

Four highschool graduates namely John Florendo, Lee Angela Igne, Hannah Daya and Adrian Bernardo received bursary of $500 each while two college graduates received bursary of $200 each from the scholarship foundation. The rest got gift certificates from the event’s generous sponsors. There was also a raffle draw where everyone got prizes.

Parents and students were grateful for this meaningful celebration organized by Vangie Mance who had a special message to the graduates, “Nothing is impossible as long you have a dream. Education is your wealth!”