Government Must Defend Canada In Nafta Challenge

Government Must Defend Canada In Nafta Challenge

Angus calls on Conservatives to stand up against $355 million claim

OTTAWA – Ten years have passed since the notorious Adams Mine garbage deal went south. Now, thanks to a Chapter 11 NAFTA challenge, an American citizen, who had nothing to do with the original Adams Mine deal is claiming Canadian citizens owe him $355 million.

Timmins – James Bay New Democrat MP Charlie Angus says the claim by American Vito Gallo shows how ridiculous the NAFTA provisions are when it comes to defending national interests.

“Here’s a guy who had nothing to do with the Adams Mine deal. He never invested a dime in improving the property and never bid on any garbage contracts. And yet, he seems to think he is entitled to a $355 million pay-out from Canadian taxpayers,” said Angus. “It seems simple to me – this should be seen as an outrageously frivolous case and be thrown out on its ear.”

Vito Gallo’s statement of claim includes testimony of support from both Jim Flaherty and John Baird. Flaherty also received a direct payment from Gallo’s numbered company when he was running for leadership of the provincial Conservative party.

Angus says the government must come clean. “The question is simple – is the fix in? Will this government roll over for Vito Gallo and his buddies – or will they do the right thing and stand up for Canada?”

Mr. Gallo brought the challenge claiming to be the sole owner of a Canadian numbered company which purchased the derelict Adams Mine site long after the Toronto garbage contract was given to U.S. waste management giant Republic Services.

In 2004, the Ontario government cancelled the unpopular Adams Mine project.