Got a time to forget COVID-19? Then, Staycation is the answer! Let’s Go!

Now that the US cross-border vacation or one-day shopping; or even going to other countries in Europe or in Asia or in the Carribean, is next to impossible because of COVID-19, this is the time to engage yourself to do the latest jargon of short holidays: Staycation!

So, what is Staycation? And who started coining the two words: stay and vacation! And what to do while you engage in Staycation?

According to Wikipedia, Staycation or holistay is a period in which an individual or a family stays home and participates in various leisure activities within the driving distance of their homes and does not require an over-night accommodation.

Uhmmm! You mean to just stay at home, drive a little mile, spend less money for a burger or for a bucket of fried chicken and head to the park? Or for a change of ambiance, drive to the nearest Motel and enjoy one-day activities like family bonding by dining and swimming together and other one-day activities. (motor hotel are for travellers, not the usual connotation of the word “motel” in the Philippines, which is known as a place for a short time or for a one-bang stay with your loved one or partner!)

A Canadian comedian Brent Butt of “Corner Gas” coined the two words: stay and vacation in one of the series “Mail Fraud” which aired on October 24, 2005, and then, this word Staycation became so popular in the United States when the price of gas was very high, giving themselves to stay at home and spend their holiday. Staycation has become the new word to describe staying at home during COVID-19 which seems to stifle your plans for long-hours of driving; airport long line-up; and spend more money on gas, food and other necessities.

And what are the activities to be done during the Staycation? You can enjoy your backyard pool, barbecue and picnic party with family members and friends; having a tent-day or tent-night in your backyard; visit various museums and amusement parks or attend local festivals and amusement parks! Or go and discover the Province of Manitoba! Have you visited at least 50 of the more than 100,000 lakes in Manitoba? And have your picnic in some parks or dive into the Winnipeg and Manitoba Lakes?

Lately, many families have been going to the campground to enjoy an overnight stay, or just to be away from their homes and engage in outdoor cooking and eating! Why not a boodle fight at Clear Lake or at St. Norbert Heritage Park where you can find the first “fridge” used in Manitoba before the invention of cold storage and take some photos with some heritage houses as your background? Or go and enjoy the historic Lower Fort Garry or just go to Manitoba Museum and emerge yourself to the cultural and historical wonders; or to Birds Hill for biking, swimming and family camping or go to Churchill and enjoy more wonders of Aurora Borealis or go to St. Pierre Jolys, close to the City and participate in the signature attraction known as Frog Follies or karera ng palaka (frog race); to Steep Rock and have a new experience in granite hopping, fishing and swimming in a clear lake water; or heat to Fortwhyte Alive and enjoy the many places like the Bison Watch, and walk and go up and view the area on a tree-house or just bike and eat! Or go to Holland for humongous pumpkin contest or to Dauphin for tasting a bit of Ukrainian food; or to Steinbach for the best veggie borscht or just go to your nearest park, like Assiniboine or Kildonan or St. Vital Park, and bring your own chairs and start the fire for barbecue to attract some ogglers!

And Staycation has many benefits: less costly, travel expenses are minimal; less stress, no jet lag,no long wait at the airport; and it also benefits local businesses and less carbon emissions!

And in the midsummer heat of the sun, why not take your 2-piece or your swimming trunks and plunge into the lake; or just lick some ice cream or to the golf course for some tee-offs!

So many places and points of interest within your driving range! Manitoba summers are full of exciting events. Plan your Staycation for August and September. For all you know, just a wink of your eyes, it will be a Winter Staycation!

For now, let’s go and have a Staycation! And enjoy the sweltering heat of the Prairie Sun!