Golf Tidbits

Golf Tidbits

Congratulations to Aldrin Ferrer who sank a Hole-in-one at South Interlake Golf Course last June 24, 2014 during Game 4 of PAGAM’s 2014 Golf Tournament.

Congratulations also to Raul Bulaong in holing Hole No. 18 (157 yards) with a 6 iron in a single stroke at Kildonan Golf Course last July 16.

It took an extra hole to determine the 2014 winner of the banner event of the “Filipino Golfers in Winnipeg”. A qualifying tournament for the Asia Cup Championship dubbed liberally as the Philippine Open Golf Championship. Aldrin Ferrer proved his consistent performance over a number of golfers vying for the championship and a chance to be a member of the Philippine Team to compete in the 2014 Asia Cup Championship. Aldrin Ferrer beat the 5-time Champion Abe Guanlao in a playoff.

Other qualifiers for the 2014 Asia Cup Golf Tournament which will be held on Sunday, August 31, at Teulon Golf Club, Teulon Manitoba includes; Abe Guanlao, Pepe Perez, Raul Bulaong, Tony Villegas, Rey Lozano, Mike Santos, Ron Urbano, Philip Intac, Edwin Esteban, Randy Viray, Joseph Ramos, Pat Manuel (replcmnt), Teng Duarte (replcmnt)

The Philippine Ryder Cup Inaugural Golf Tournament will be on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at the Kildonan Golf Course. Three Golf Clubs/ Association namely PAGAM (Philippine Amateur Golfers Association of Manitoba), Batangas Amateur Golfers Association (BAGA) and Pinas Bowlers and Golfers Association (PBGA) are vying for the title. The main objective of this tournament is to bring forth all golfers from different clubs/ associations, to showcase skills, build friendship and promote sportsmanship to its finest. The Organizing Committee of the Philippine Ryder Cup includes Villarico (Rico) Villarin – Chairman and Promoter, along with Arnold Calambacan Sr, Rhic Cantalejo and Randy Viray.