God’s Comfort

God’s Comfort

With the passing away of our two (2) beloved sisters and long time loyal and dedicated members of OFSAM- the original Filipino Seniors Association of Manitoba, in the person of AFRICA “Apring” TORRES and CARIDAD “Carrie” SAAVEDRA DELA CRUZ, (January 10 and February 10, 2018, respectively), both families received letters from friends and acquaintances. All wrote to express grief and sympathy for their families’ great loss.

We, the Officers and Members of OFSAM felt the great loss, too. Apring and Carrie played a great role and immeasurable part in all activities and events since it was established in 1977. Both were crowned Queen Valentine and in 2016, Carrie was crowned an OFSAM Queen.

Both of them will be missed, but will always be remembered in our hearts, and their absence will be a reminder of their innumerable contributions to the success of OFSAM.

May the COMFORT of GOD be with the families of AFRICA and CARIDAD. They are now in the Mighty Hands of GOD – a place where there are no more pains, no more tears, no more sickness, no more worries, and no more heavy burdens in the hearts,- only HAPPINESS AND JOY with the LORD JESUS.

We pray for both families, and may the LOVE of GOD be upon their hearts. Bind them with your everlasting love guidance, provision and protection.

“COMFORT” – means “a calling to one side”. The words comfort and consolation appeared repeatedly in the Bible as a reminder that the LORD holds us close and invites us to cling to HIM.

When people suffer and we long to help. it’s good to recall Paul’s word-picture of “the GOD and Father of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST” as “FATHER OF mercies and GOD of all COMFORT” (2 Cor. 1:3). Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate source of every tender mercy, kind word, and helpful act that brings encouragement and healing.

As the LORD wraps HIS Loving Arms around us, we are able to embrace others “with COMFORT” with which we ourselves are comforted by GOD.

May the Lord God Almighty richly bless us.