Post Title: Filipino Journal 2023 Year in Review
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Caption: BASTA!'S CULINARY DEBUT DECEMBER 05 - 20, 2023 | VOL 37 NO 23 Chef Norm Pastorin, culinary visionary and owner of BASTA! is excited to welcome local community and visitors to a unique food experience celebrating Filipino heritage. Opening its doors on December 1, BASTA! brings the rich tapestry of Filipino-inspired cuisine to the heart of the city, located at the Forks Market. Meaning "…it just is" in Filipino, BASTA! encapsulates the simplicity of Filipino flavors, weaving together a cultural homage to the community's history in Winnipeg since the 1960s. With an all day, all night breakfast offering, patrons can savor Filipino warmth and hospitality at the heart of Winnipeg.