Fun at the Little Shop of Horrors!

Fun at the Little Shop of Horrors!

by Rod Escobar Cantiveros

Hilariously brilliant!

This sums up the over-all performance of Winnipeg dentists-turned actors in the “Little Shop of Horrors” as presented by the Manitoba Dental Association for the first time.

Tricia Magsino-Barnabe led the complete turnover of personality, from the dental chair into the stage at the Prairie Theatre Exchange in a 4-day fundraising initiative for cultural groups. And this all-dentist musical “Little Shop of Horrors” became the perfect venue to show their singing, dancing and acting powers. Magsino-Barnabe maintained Audrey’s persona with fluidity of acting and singing and her role did not upstaged other characters but instead, she has become the binding force of the whole ensemble. And this had led other characters to shine, like Seymour, acted by Wally Mah.

Wally Mah expanded his role with ease in acting and singing. Both Tricia and Wally blended well as they both gave enough spaces for other actors to engage the inherent acting and singing talents of other characters. Both Tricia and Wally have been involved in stage performances in the past. Tricia was the lead actress when Rainbow Stage presented the Broadway hit “Miss Saigon”; as Maria in “West Side Story” during her senior years at Glenlawn Collegiate and other radio and television appearances. Wally Mah, on the other hand, had been on stage in musicals such as, “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

Harvey Spiegel whose Mr. Mushnik role is so natural with a singing voice that showed his hidden talent in a musical. When’s his next performance?

Randal Warkentin, as Orin Scrivello, DDS and Mrs. Luce, almost stole the show. As if it were a “SNL” (Saturday Night Live) revival, Randal had all the energy and natural capability to let the audience engaged with his strong character.

Indeed, he has added flavour to the discriminating taste of Audrey II and of the audience of course. The four lovely ladies, Kristin Cuthbert, Natalia Ksiazkiewicz, Kelly Regula and Angela Thomas sang with gusto and automatically gave the 60’s ambience and colors to the musical. Tom Colina suprisingly gave justice to his role and became compatible with the stage presence. The rest of the cast have proven that acting is in their blood!

On the whole, the premier all-dentist musical presentation by the Manitoba Dental Association is the first step for more field trips into the legit theatre to showcase their untapped singing, dancing and acting talents.

So, when you make an appointment with these dentists-turned actors, just ask him or her to sing before drilling your molars. It is worth the trip to a dentist!