Five reasons tito ortiz should retire

Five reasons tito ortiz should retire

Before the UFC was as big as it is now, one fighter stood out among the rest. You may not have known too much about MMA or UFC, but you knew, or have heard the name Tito Ortiz.

At the time, the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was the best. He held the Light Heavyweight World title longer than anyone has in the UFC. Ortiz’ legend grew even more during his feud with UFC Pioneer, Ken Shammrock.

But, injuries and lack luster Octagon performances lead to a winless streak that’s lasted since 2006. That is until he face Light Heavyweight stand out Ryan “Darth” Bader at UFC 132. No one gave the former champion a chance. The odds were 4-1 against Ortiz, but about a minute into their fight, Ortiz caught Bader with a short right uppercut then sank in the guillotine choke forcing the tap out at 1:56 in the first round. He did what no one thought he could do… he won.

Now here’s five reasons I believe he should retire:

1) Money. As in, he doesn’t need it. Ortiz get’s paid $250,000 a fight guaranteed. Few fighters get such a big paycheck. Plus his endorsements and outside projects makes him independently wealthy. The man doesn’t need to fight to eat.

2) Projects. He’s the owner of Punishment Athletics clothing. He’s done a few movies. Tito Ortiz simply has so much on his plate already that he doesn’t need the grueling weeks of training camp leading up to each fight.

3) Training. What Tito Ortiz showed during season three of The Ultimate Fighter is that he is an awesome coach. His knack for training young fighters could be very lucrative for him, and it keeps him in the fight game.

4) Broadcasting. Ortiz had said he looked up to Bas Rutten. How the man trained like an animal and people were afraid of him. Maybe Tito’s next step is to once again do as Bas did. Become an MMA broadcaster. Former Hockey, Baseball, Football and Basketball greats have done it, so why not him?

5) Go Out On Top. Despite his fantastic win at UFC 132, let’s not forget he’s lost for the last five years. The list of names of fighters who’ve fought too many times and gone out with a whimper is way too long. Do something different. When people think back to the career of Tito Ortiz, the last image will be of him, on top of the cage with his arms raised in victory.

There you have it. Five reason’s why Tito Ortiz should retire. Maybe next time I’ll gave you my one reason Ken Shammrock should retire.