Five kababayans to seek elective positions on October 22

Five kababayans to seek elective positions on October 22

The political DNA is within our blood and it is in this premise that five of our kababayans (compatriots) have been running for the elective positions in the coming October 22 Civic Elections. And these five have the same drives, as shown by many former Filipino Winnipeggers who had won and lost in the federal, provincial and civic elections for the past 35, and who tried to test the political water in Winnipeg, a hotbed of the Filipino politicians who want to leave a mark in the federal, provincial and civic political trails.

In the coming Fall civic election, we will encounter the lawn signs, we will receive fancy and simple flyers, we will attend fund raising efforts, and we will help decide, if we, the voters will cast our vote to elect our kababayans.In their campaigns, they need dedicated volunteers and canvassers to help in the distribution of flyers, in setting up the lawn signs, telephone callers, and most specially, your financial donations are appreciated.

In the City councilor category, we have the incumbent councilor of Pt. Douglas Ward, Mike Pagtakhan, who for 12 years have been actively involved in the various communities and have convincing records of achievements inside his ward and in the Filipino community;and Anthony Ramos, a former trustee, who is running against Mike Pagtakhan in the same ward. With two Filipino Canadians running in the same ward, the probability of splitting the votes is real,
In the school trustee positions, there are three kababayans who are running in the different school division wards. Cory Juan, an incumbent school trustee, Seven Oaks School Division, Ward 2, has been serving her community for six years. She has initiated various program in the heritage language classes; and she has promoted an active program on ethnicity and advocated the employment of visible minorities in all the departments.

Julie Holland Javier, a prominent volunteer inside and outside of the Filipino community and one of the MaCCFA active fund-raisers for calamity fund, and a healthcare professional, has proactive plans for the education of the youth:empowerment of students to achieve their full potential in a global society and shared responsibilities of parenting and of the school system, to reach his or her potential with the safe, caring and cooperative environment.

One of the most passionate promoter of sport development among the youth is Jerry Medina, who for more than 22 years as founder and commissioner of IKAW, has been active in the community by providing sport activities among the youth. He has been a volunteer running FREE community basketball leagues and he wants that the Winnipeg School Division’s facilities and gyms to be opened on weekdays, weekends, either for basketball, soccer or volleyball. He wants other kids out of the street. “Lets get them active at a very young age,” Medina said.

We need to extend our helps to our kababayans who are seeking elective positions in this coming October 22, Wednesday, Civic election. And we have to salute them for taking the challenge to serve our growing community and the wonderful City of Winnipeg.