Finding Inspiration on Instagram

We recently posted a survey on Instagram asking “Who are the top Filipino Instagram influencers in Winnipeg? And why do you follow them?”

The thread of comments and replies blew the original expectations of replies. Scrolling through the replies and discovering new people to follow was refreshing and inspiring. While the list of influencers is long, here are a few standouts.

Brian Babaran, A Winnipeg content creator with Reels and Stories on food and makeup. Brian is on YouTube



Allison “Bosslady”, Digital Creator. Your average mom from #Winnipeg brining you the most authentic version of life as a #boymom.



Social Media Manager, Podcaster and YouTube creator. Tune into her weekly Tiny Moments Podcast on Spotify, a show about life, self love and growth.

There are many more influencers, content creators, artists, community leaders, businesses that were mentioned in the thread including the following:



“This is great! So many Filipino influencers! Kudos to all of you guys! You all rock!” –


“Definitely @pegcityfoodie . Great support to businesses and clients especially these trying times. Serves not only as a bridge between food owners and clients through her social media platforms but also serves an ambassador to showcase Manitoba as melting pot of Diverse richness through food and tourism.”



“@jackiedwild @kenlozano @onfiyah @rj_padua @tiffanyponce @alignedmanifestation just to name a few off the top of my head.”



“I think during this time all the Filipino influencers should be recognized. Blessed and proud to be Pinoy!

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