Filipino Films at Gimli Film Festival 2019 (July 24–28)

The forthcoming 19th annual Gimli Film Festival—slated on July 24–28—will feature two Filipino-Canadian films: When the Storm Fades (2018) and Nervous Translation (2018).

Directed by Sean Devlin, the Documentary/Drama When the Storm Fades tells the plight of a Filipino family and their neighbors during the aftermath of 2013’s typhoon Haiyan, which destroyed portions of Southeast Asia, including central parts of the Philippines. Amidst and after the calamity, the affected people still manage to rebuild their broken lives, displaying their seemingly innate sense of resilience.

Maybe regarded as both a tragedy and a comedy film, When the Storm Fades is dark and humorous at the same time—which is, after all, what defines the Filipino spirit.

Directed by Shireen Seno, Nervous Translation, on the other hand, is about an eight-year-old who found a pen that can translate the thoughts of anxious people. It is set in 1987, on the backdrop of People Power Revolution—a historic political event in the history of the Philippines.

So, come the last week of July, head to Gimli, Manitoba, and experience these two moving films with the whole family. Feel pride in both cultures that define the inner character of the Filipino-Canadian people.