Filipina-Canadian brings you sketch comedy series, ABROAD

Photo credit : OMNI TV

Toronto-based Filipina comedian Isabel Kanaan premieres her sketch comedy series on April 24 on OMNI TV. Season one is a 12 episode series based on Isabel’s experience immigrating to Canada at the age of 16. Co-created by and starring Isabel, ABROAD will feature sketches in both English and Tagalog.

ABROAD is more than just a collection of random comedy sketches. Each episode establishes a theme and its own narrative arc including topics such as culture clashing, standing up for yourself, and representation in the media.

Isabel has a strong sketch comedy background not only on stage but co-starring on CBC’s Royal Canadian Air Farce, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Isabel also received the NBC Universal Bob Curry Fellowship for achievements in comedy, and RBC’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award. She has a dedicated TikTok audience with over 5.5 million likes.

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