Festival du Voyageur celebrates 50th anniversary

Festival du Voyageur celebrates 50th anniversary

Welcome to the 50th edition of the Festival du Voyageur, a celebration of the rich heritage of the Franco Manitoban . And there is a historical significance by renaming the festival to La Prairie Tent to Forest Tent in tribute of the founder and the first official voyageur Georges Forest and his wife, Anita.

Its historical significance took place when Georges Forest dreamed a winter celebration deeply rooted in the Franco-Manitoban and its fur-trade aimed at reuniting in St.Boniface, their home, and celebrate their rich cultural heritage.

“Georges Forest’s vision and pride has carried us through these last 50 years and will continue to carry us into the next 50 years,” said Darrel Nadeau, executive director of Festival du Voyageur. “We’re grateful for the works he put into making this festival happen and are honoured to pass that legacy and heritage onto the next generation.”

To celebrate the last 50 years of the festival, the organizers have included the return of the popular dogsled Rides courtesy of the Great West Life; a special night music featuring the Franco-Manitoban artists to highlight the evolution of their music; and to showcase the various works of the indigenous artists, namely, the First Nation, Metis and Inuit.

Added new attractions include the “Festi-Bar On Ice” at the Forks, silent discos and a chocolate sculpting expo.
The 50th Festival du Voyageur started Feb. 15 until Feb. 24, 2019.

For more information, download the Festival du Voyageur app or go to www.heho.ca

Photos courtesy of Festival du Voyageur and Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal