Falling in love with Churchill

Falling in love with Churchill

The first time I landed in Churchill was three years ago and I’ve been back a couple times. To say I’ve fallen in love with Churchill is an understatement. Snorkelling with beluga whales in the Churchill River and getting up close and personal with polar bears in a Tundra Buggy is nothing short of amazing. Visiting Churchill and seeing polar bears was always on my bucket list. In fact, it will always continue to be on my bucket list.

Thanks to Google, Polar Bears International and Frontiers North, people from all across the globe can fall in love with Churchill through Google Street View. To celebrate International Polar Bear Day last month, Google Street View opened up Churchill, Manitoba to the world. People from all across the globe can open up their browsers and follow along to see the landscape that makes Churchill the Polar Bear Capital of the World. They can roam around as if they were driving the large Tundra Buggies through Wapusk National Park and the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

As great as the technology is with Google Street View, nothing will beat the real life experience of crawling across the arctic tundra in the search of polar bears in Churchill in a Tundra Buggy. The excitement of a polar bear roaming within metres of your Tundra Buggy and rising up to you and staring eye-to-eye is an unbelievable feeling. The feelings are so strong that I still get goose bumps when I look at the photos and videos from previous adventures in Churchill.

Churchill is a bucket list destination for travellers all across the world. As Manitobans, Churchill is an international wonder right in our own back yard. From Winnipeg, the cost of a one-day trip to Churchill ranges from approximately $1500-$2000. While many of us look to sun & sand destinations during the winter, not a lot of us think about heading north.

If a winter polar bear adventure isn’t your thing, maybe consider a summer safari to Churchill. While polar bears are the main attraction when visiting Churchill, there’s also migration of thousands of beluga whales in the summer. Other summer highlights include guided tours of Fort Prince of Wales and for the green thumbs, flora and fauna tours. Along with other arctic wildlife, polar bears still hang out in the cool waters of Hudson Bay during the summer.

Photos by Ron Cabtiveros | Filipino Journal