Experience the Philippines at Folklorama 50

Experience the Philippines at Folklorama 50

Folklorama 50 is definitely here and everybody can’t wait to witness the 50th edition of Canada’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival.

And just like the other 40 pavilions, Philippines’ very own, Pearl of the Orient is excited to share with everybody the heart of this pavilion that it is also known for–Filipino hospitality.

Adult Ambassadors, Renée Karen Dela Cruz and Jan Michael Reyes and Youth Ambassadors, Talia Wedin and Jeremiah Torres have been going to pre-Folklorama events like the Folklorama Ambassador Inaguration, Media Day and Folklorama Kick-off to represent the Philippine Pavilion.

So on week 2, August 11 – 17 at RB Russell Vocational School | 364 Dufferin Ave. (Located Dufferin at Salter), come and experience the rich heritage of the Philippines through colourful performances by Magdaragat Phil Inc., local food and drinks and Filipino artifacts display. Arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.

Pavilion is open Sunday to Saturday: 6-11pm . Show times are Sunday to Saturday : 6:45, 8:15, 9:45 pm.

The Pearl of the Orient Pavilion and Folklorama 50 is ready for all of you with some of these reminders:

•Arrive early to get the most out of each pavilion! Every year volunteers work tirelessly to bring you their pavilion cultural display, delicious cultural food and drink, and world class entertainment. So make sure to arrive early so that you have enough time to find a seat and sample everything they have to offer!

•Not all pavilions allow videos or photos, please check first! If the pavilion allows, take photos or video, and share them on social media using the hashtag #folklorama50 and tag us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook(@folklorama)!

•Only certain pavilions take reservations for seating and dinner. Find a Pavilion on our website to find out which ones through the filters! This is a great way to make sure your entire group can sit together and enjoy a delicious cultural meal!

•Some pavilions feature kids activities to keep your little one entertained! Find out which ones on page 13 and 35 of our Travel Guide!

•Tourists from the US can pay with US$ at pavilion!

•Hit up an ATM before you head to the pavilions or bring some cash with you, not all pavilions accept interac and credit cards!

•If you’re visiting pavilions located at the RBC Convention Centre parking is only $5 after 5:00pm!

Photos by Karen Dela Cruz and Jan Michael Reyes / Photo Credit Del Pelagio