Ex-Husband of Ruffa, Yilmas Bektas to Visit Daughters in the Country

With her recent breakup with French boyfriend, Jordan Mouyal, Ruffa Gutierrez is back to being single after seven years.

In a recent interview, the actress shared that it was she who broke things off, stating that she wants her heart to rest and just spend time with her family.

But the interview got into an emotional turn when the topic turned to her ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas who has plans to visit the country this June.

They have been married for 9 years and have two daughters, Lorin and Venice, whom Ruffa had brought home with her when they separated. Since then, it has been Ruffa who had raised her children.

The actress spoke of how deep her relationship with the Turkish businessman went, having left her family and career just to be with him. Ruffa also admitted that Yilmaz is the one man that she still cries for until now.

After years of separation, they are both now in speaking terms and have talked about their past relationship. Yilmaz had mentioned about how time is precious and wants to make up for what years he had lost with their daughters.

For her part, Ruffa had no qualms but said it’s best they do it step by step and start by trying to be co-parents with their kids first.

She had also talked it over with her two daughters and both are okay with Yilmaz coming over to see them as it had been 13 years since they last saw their father.

Ruffa made it clear however that no talk of reconciliation happened.