Ellen Adarna Opens Up About Emotional Stress After Quitting Smoking

Photo source: Ellen Adarna/IG

Actress Ellen Adarna candidly shared her struggles with withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking, referring to it as one of her “poor choices in life.” In an Instagram Stories update, Adarna discussed feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically off due to the process. She revealed a small red bump on her lower eyelid, which she attributed to the emotional stress caused by detaching from vaping. Adarna acknowledged her strong demons but expressed determination in overcoming them.

When asked by a netizen if she still experiences depressed days, Adarna admitted to feeling low, especially due to her reliance on vaping. However, she emphasized her resolve to push through, giving herself a few days to feel off before snapping out of it. Adarna took responsibility for her decision to vape and acknowledged that she had only herself to blame.

Adarna, who recently married actor Derek Ramsay, shared her plans to have a child this year.