She is quite active and well loved in the 204FM community. 204 Admin Elaine Tumbokon is perhaps one of the busiest persons in Winnipeg. Her hard work and generousity are paying off because tons of blessings are coming her way. In just 8 months, she earned the Tupperware 2 Star Director position level, not to mention the brand-new car and travels that Tupperware awarded to her.

Elaine celebrated her birthday 3 weeks ago. At 35, Elaine is the epitome of beauty, success and fulfillment. She was glowing at the party, and it was obvious that her heart was overflowing with happiness. I thought of asking the birthday girl a few questions and sharing here her answers:
At 35, how happy are you, and why?

“Thirty five! Wow! That’s getting closer to 40…. hahaha! When I look back at all these years, I am so much happy, contented and blessed to be where I am right now, surrounded by awesome people who I call my families and friends. I feel so loved beyond words can ever express. Above all, what makes me happier is God’s goodness. I am so incredibly blessed by Him, in many, so many ways.”

You’ve been a great help to the Filipino Community in Manitoba being an Admin of 204FM. What drives you to do things that benefit the community?

“I just love the people, I love being of help to them, in assistance and answering their queries the best way I can. What I like most about what I do is that with just being there for the community, unknowingly I am making a difference. It’s most rewarding to see a change of any kind that benefits the community as a whole. Being an Admin of this huge 204FM Facebook page is never easy, we encounter all the so called “walk of life” here, we deal with all the aspects of being on top of the fast-paced running posts — from buying to selling, from being moderator of complaints, solving issues, dealing with and stopping bashers, to policing illegal posts and more. But in a little over 2 years of 204FM’s existence in the community, I never got tired of doing what I do; it gives me joy as it gives me the sense of accomplishment. Sometimes in public, people recognize me and some even say “thank you” to me for attending to their simple inquiries or questions; and they acknowledge those simple gestures that impacted their lives – like some were able to process their parents’ tourist application because I guided them even if they’re strangers to me; or some were able to put up and obtain the license for their small business here in Winnipeg.”

What is your goal for 204/Filipino Community in Manitoba?

“I’d like to see 204FM exist even to the next generation, as I believe that It is a useful virtual page that can help not just the business people but the whole of the community in general. The vision is to have it running for as long as there is Facebook. In today’s world, social media is the most effective means of marketing, and so by having 204FM, we’ve created virtual community connecting families, new friends, and creating new services and building small businesses.

We’ve helped each other in so many ways. 204FM’s Mission is to be a “Connected Filipino Community” in Canada, to grow its number of members, and for each member to individually positively grow because we are able to take advantage of the good stuffs available for us and about us being Filipino living here in Manitoba — from ‘bili na suki’, Filipino bayanihan, to Canadian road discipline and surviving winter. We sell, we buy, we share, we care, we give. We celebrate oneness and welcome inclusion (sponsor o hindi, may business or wala.. sige post lang ng post as everyone is welcome); putting end to unhealthy business competition to reap win-win situation, because 204FM is a huge strong market for everyone. The 204FM Admins are happy to help bring these tools for you. We feel a deep responsibility to make the most of our time here and serve you the best way we can.”

What an amazing woman! She truly deserves all the good things she has right now. I wish Elaine good health, happiness and continuous abundance.

By the way, exciting events are happening this month! A new branch of Jimel’s Bakery’s will open soon at the corner of Inkster and Sheppard, possibly before Christmas. On December 16 Saturday, 204 Filipino Marketplace will hold the Annual Christmas Party at PCCM from 11am to 3pm. Tons of raffle prizes will be given away. Everyone is invited, no entrance fee, just bring potluck food.