Doon Po sa Amin, sa Munti Naming Kusina

Doon Po sa Amin, sa Munti Naming Kusina

(On Some Kitchen Words and Their Corresponding Names in Filipino)

The kitchen is many people’s most favorite part of the house, especially for those who love eating or cooking. Why not, when it is the area in one’s home where food is prepared and made and meals are being partaken.
In light of that, here is a list of some things related to or found in the kitchen and their corresponding English and Filipino names.

bowl – mangkók
chair – sílya/upúan/salumpuwít
cooking pot – kaldéro
cup – tása
cupboard – páminggánan
dining table – lamésa/mésa / hapág-kainán
drinking glass – báso
faucet – grípo
fork – tinidór
frying pan – kawáli
kitchen – kusína
kitchen sink – labábo
knife – kutsílyo
ladle – sandók
pitcher – pitsél
plate – pláto/pinggán
saucer – platíto
slotted turner – syansé
spoon – kutsára

Add Some Seasonings…
fish extract / shrimp paste – bagoóng
fish sauce – patís
pepper – pamintá
salt – asín
saltpeter (curing salt) – salítre
soy sauce – toyò
sugar – asúkal
vinegar – sukà

The Last Leaf
The kitchen and cooking itself used to be associated with only the woman of the house—not anymore. In the current modern society, men are no longer known only as they who love eating and rely on the cooking of their wives. Many men have long established themselves also as equally creative and skillful cooks and chefs.