Donita Rose loves what she does as a corporate chef in the US, including taking out trash and wiping tables

Donita announced last April that she’s now a corporate chef for Island Pacific in the US, a chain of supermarkets in America that sell fresh meat, produce, and groceries with a specialization in Filipino cuisine, but she still does the hard and gritty work! She works “really hard,” to the point where she’d volunteer to do tasks that aren’t originally hers.

In her new job, she’s her own boss and she can do whatever she wants, Donita told LJ Moreno-Alapag and Rufa Mae Quinto in the latest video of The Wonder Mamas. She promotes modern Filipino cuisine in 15 of the company’s restaurant branches and is in charge of developing new recipes. Maricel Aguilar, her immediate boss, also told her, “Do whatever you want, [as long as you] give me your deliverables.”

“The Pinoys here get surprised, I’m the one who takes out the trash. I dump it in the dumpster. That’s not my job, but I do it. I wipe tables, I love what I do, but it’s really really hard… physical,” Donita said.

Photo source: Instagram @dashofdonita