Dimples Romana and husband surprise househelp with a brand new townhouse

Dimples Romana’s recent vlog post features her and her husband Boyet Ahmee surprising their house help, Ate V, with a brand new 2-bedroom townhouse unit.

The couple shared that Ate V has been with them for 17 years and has been part of their family. She hails from Zamboanga and though single, she has been helping her family in the said province.

The couple who has been investing in properties also shared that they always consult Ate V in every property they buy because her opinion matters . And that is exactly how they set up the surprise for her

They took Ate V to the said unit to get her opinion without her knowing that it was for her.

The townhouse is a 2 bedroom newly built unit in a decent and quiet area. The couple toured ate V while asking her comments about the house. It never sunk in to Ate V that it was actually hers until they reached the master bedroom where a message on the wall “Oo, para sa ‘yo ‘to,” was set up.

It took a moment for the househelp to take in the surprise but later on ended up crying with Romana and could not thank the family enough for the surprise.

Part of Dimples’ IG post reads “Ilang taon ko na din iniipunan ito para sa iyo. Dumating na ang araw na narinig ng Diyos ang dasal kong balang araw, maibalik namin sayo ang lahat ng pasasalamat.”