Desperate Pleas for Divorce Mount as Philippines Battles Ban

Photo: AFP

The Philippines, a predominantly Catholic nation, still prohibits divorce, leaving many individuals trapped in unhappy marriages and struggling to escape abusive relationships. In desperation, some people resort to online scams promising quick solutions.

The Philippines is the only country, apart from the Vatican, where divorce is illegal, largely due to the influential position of the Catholic Church. Advocates for legalizing divorce argue that the ban hinders efforts to leave abusive partners and obstructs amicable separations. Recent surveys indicate a shift in public opinion, with increasing support for the legalization of divorce. Several lawmakers are now leading a renewed campaign for divorce legislation.

Critics, including the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, argue that the country should uphold the traditional concept of marriage. They claim that legalizing divorce would perpetuate violence and fail to address the underlying issues in dysfunctional relationships.

As victims of the slow and expensive annulment process become targets of fraudulent services, there are urgent calls for legislative reform. While the pursuit of divorce continues, a number of married people remain in a state of limbo, unable to remarry or find closure until their previous marriages are legally dissolved.