The Dawn Rising (in Winnipeg)

August 12, 2017 | Pyramid Cabaret

The Philippine music scene is steeped with many pioneering and prolific bands which to this day remain active, gigging and releasing new music. One of these is The Dawn, whose history harks to the beginning of New Wave music in the Philippines.

Currently consists of Jett Pangan (vocals), JB Leonor (drums), Francis Reyes (guitar), Rommel Sanchez (guitar), and Mon Legaspi (bass), The Dawn was actually formed in 1985, in Metro Manila, Philippines, by the late guitarist and visionary of the group, Teddy Diaz. The band emerged in the late ’80s, during the commercial peak of New Wave music in the country, with the strength of original songs such as “Enveloped Ideas,” “Dreams,” and “Mad Game.” In the ensuing years, more chart-topping singles further catapulted the band into mass popularity—“I Stand with You,” Love (Will Set Us Free),” “Iisang Bangka,” and “Salamat.” Sadly, in 1988, just fresh off the success of their second studio album, Diaz was stabbed by two men while he was on his way home from his girlfriend’s house. Despite this unfortunate event, the remaining members of the band soldiered on. More albums were released, continuing the vision of their fallen comrade.

To date, The Dawn has eleven studio albums to its credit—from 1986’s self-titled debut to 2009’s Sound the Alarm. Their songs continue to get considerable airplay on some Philippine radio stations, and their music continue to be lauded by their fans, old and new. Ultimately, The Dawn serves as one of the long-standing and positively influential bands in the Philippine music scene.

Many music-loving Filipinos in Winnipeg must have seen The Dawn back in the days or in the recent years; or at the least, are familiar with some of the band’s beloved songs.

On August 12, The Dawn is playing the Winnipeg leg of their North American tour at Pyramid Cabaret, in Downtown. Don’t miss out on this one. It’s your chance to watch live one of the historical musical groups of the Philippines, as they perform a good number of their original songs.

Billed as The Dawn’s Trenta Tour (in commemoration of their 30th anniversary in the music scene), the Winnipeg concert will feature also Winnipeg Filipino community’s own local groups and artists such as The 12/21, Sayan Project, James Cruzat, and Rodel Olesco.

For tickets and inquiry, contact Jorge Dimayuga at (204) 801-4001.