Dare To Dream

Paul Ong (Joseph, right) and Airon Recuenco (Young Joseph, left) led a cast and crew in “Dare to Dream”, a live charity musical at the Centennial Concert Hall. After two years of virtual concerts, the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” was an exciting collaboration between Musical Theatre for Change in support Cancer Care Foundation (Pediatrics). The musical featured a volunteer cast and crew, band and mass choir of more than 300 participants.

(in order of appearance)
Narrators – Montana Coad, Kristina Corbett, Amie Drudge, Kyla Drudge, Kaitlyn Regier, Sheri Wasilewski. Young Joseph – Airon Recuenco, Joseph – Paul Ong, Jacob – Anthony Florentino, Jacob’s Wife – Janelle Chambers, Reuben – Jill Parsonage, Simeon – Stephanie Corbett, Levi – Reilly Coad, Naphtali – Connor Trueman, Issachar – Ari Quinn, Asher – Grace Kammerlock, Dan – Ethan Henderson, Zebulun – Holly Owens, Gad – Isabella Recuenco, Benjamin – Lyla Nedelec, Judah – T.J. Chubaty, Butler – Jonathan Archer, Baker – Shelley Patel, Pharaoh – Paul Henderson, Lead Children – Kacie Bristow & Pierson Alibudbud, Swing – Daniel Rosenfeld.

The Band
Band Director – Rochelle Drudge, Violin – Sarah Lynn Bergen, Trumpet – Paul Dubinski, Bass guitar – Alex Derlago, Drums – Luke Klassen, Harmonica / Percussion – Paul Henderson, Electric Guitar – Brian Krahn.

The Choir
Choir Leaders – Eva Bramwell, Carrick Dean, Margaret Estabrooks, Zoe Fish, Isaac Foo, Sadie Graetz, Theo Hemmerling, Rosalyn Mary, Mia Pellicano, Coy Ray, Sara Stoffman.
Dr. D.W. Penner School Choir – Under the direction of Matthew Funk
Grosvenor School Choir – Under the direction of Joan Hanton

The Dancers:
Meadows West Dancers – Under the direction of Lauren Stearn

The Crew
Director – Janna Larsen, Stage Manager – Maddie Hanton, Front of House – Stacey Ross, Advertising Pamphlets – Ari Quinn, Graphics & Video Editing – Ralph Figurasin, Video Coverage – Tec-Voc Broadcasting Media Arts, Technical & Equipment Support – Corey Ellis, Costumes/Props – Montana Coad, Pedro Aurelio Colon, Cathay Draho, Janna Larsen.

Special Participation: The Goat – Benny Quinn

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal