Creative Nights For Women

Creative Nights For Women

The Seven Oaks Immigrant Centre is offering free sessions on creative writing for women.

The activity is called The Home Project which aims to explore creative writing around topics and develop new creative work as a group which will then be published and presented at both the Winnipeg International Writers Festival and the WigTown Book Festival in Scotland.

Author and writer Lauren Carter who facilitates the session said that the project also aims to promote the idea that everyone has a unique story, “for our diverse group especially the new immigrants, rather than focusing on where they came from, we want to focus on their experiences, their family, their culture, their home.” The sessions have been enjoyable because not only that the group gets to share their ideas but also they come up with some creative work at the end of each session.

“This whole experience is fun because it’s new and different ,”
said Rowena Hernandez who is one of the attendees.

The Home Project started last January 29 and will run until March 4. The session is held every Wednesday, 6-8pm at the Amber Trail Community Centre.