Councillors Mike Pagtakhan and Scott Fielding announce $400,000 for the Weston and Brooklands neighbourhoods

Councillors Mike Pagtakhan and Scott Fielding announce $400,000 for the Weston and Brooklands neighbourhoods

Friday, September 3rd – Committed to revitalizing neighbourhoods throughout the City, Councillors Pagtakhan and Fielding announced today a $400,000 investment, shared by the Province, into the Weston and Brooklands communities through the Building Communities Initiatives (BCI) Partnership.

The BCI is a joint effort by the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg to help rejuvenate neighbourhoods throughout Winnipeg. Combining matching funds, BCI focuses on upgrading community facilities, parks and municipal infrastructure in ways that contribute to public safety and strengthen residential and commercial targeted areas.

“A revitalized community will result to attracting commercial development, creating opportunities for better employment, promoting healthy environment and encouraging people to actively be involved in neighbourhood building programs,” said Councillor Pagtakhan.

“This is a great day for the communities of Weston and Brooklands,” added Councillor Fielding. “The investment into the Weston Community Centre and the Pacific Dee Park are a much needed boost for the communities where there are many youth who we need to find an alternative to joining a gang.”

The Weston Community Site will be receiving $200,000 for site improvements and the Pacific Dee Park will be receiving $200,000 for a splash pad. The 2 projects were selected through consultations with key stakeholders and communities.

“This public investment is a welcome change for residents of Brooklands and Weston who have witnessed a loss of many private services in their community in recent history,” said Lisa Janke, Community Development Coordinator for the Nor’West Co-op Community Health Centre. “Residents have already expressed excitement about the upgrades and look forward to utilizing the facilities in 2011.”

With these new investments in the Weston and Brooklands areas comes a sense of pride from the Community and a healthy environment for our children, which in turn helps to revitalize the areas. Both projects are slated to start this year and be complete by the Spring of 2011.