Charges Filed Against Quiboloy for Sex Abuse and Trafficking

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has made a significant decision to pursue legal action against Kingdom of Jesus Christ leader Apollo Quiboloy, ordering the filing of sexual abuse and qualified trafficking charges. This move comes in response to a petition for review, overturning a 2020 decision by the Davao City prosecutor’s office to dismiss charges of rape, child abuse, and human trafficking against Quiboloy and five others.

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla announced the DOJ’s decision, emphasizing the gravity of the allegations and the necessity for accountability. The charges stem from a 17-year-old victim’s account of sustained abuse dating back to 2011, including a rape incident in September 2014. The victim also detailed emotional and physical mistreatment, coupled with forced labor under the pretext of religious service within Quiboloy’s church.

Remulla underscored the DOJ’s commitment to ensuring justice for the victim, highlighting the appointment of a special panel of prosecutors to handle the case. Additionally, the DOJ intends to seek the transfer of these cases to a Manila court for further proceedings.

The filing of charges not only holds Quiboloy accountable for his alleged actions but also serves to prevent potential extradition to the United States, where he faces similar charges. Remulla clarified that the decision aims at providing justice to the victim within Philippine jurisdiction, emphasizing that no extradition request from the US has been received yet.

Quiboloy’s inclusion in the Most Wanted List of the Federal Bureau of Investigation underscores the international significance of this case. However, for now, the focus remains on addressing the allegations and ensuring due process within the Philippine legal system.