Cemeteries in Metro Manila and some provinces closed on UNDAS

Led by Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno in the temporary closure of the North and South Cemeteries during the observance of All Saint’s and All Soul’s days, other cities in the Metro Manila followed to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 among those who will pay visit to the burial sites of their loved ones.

In a unanimous decision by the city officials of Metro Manila, led by Mayor Edwin Olivarez, chairman of the Metro Manila Council, the temporary closure will start on October 29 to November 4.

There’s a fear of impossible and cumbersome implementation of the minimum health protocols especially physical distancing in the area within these cemeteries and private burial sites.

Olivarez stated the vendors’ concern on their business, being UNDAS time when they have the best earnings in the year selling flowers and candles to the cemetery goers.

“We will set up ahead of time, even at the days before the closure to start selling their wares and this plan makes their selling days longer, hoping that they would get better business as usual,” said Olivarez

Meanwhile, other provinces have already issued many ordinances for the temporary closure of all public and private cemeteries and memorial parks from October 31 to November 4; other cities in the country have different dates of closures, some on “All Saints (Nov. 1) and All Souls days (Nov.2)

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno said to the Manileños on the closure of the cemeteries, noting that this tradition of visiting the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried, will not be done during COVID-19 pandemics “Forgive me if I will hurt your feelings because we will not practice what we have been used to do,” the Mayor said.

AATF-EID supported the cemetery closures imposed by the Metro Manila city and provincial officials.

Other usual practices during UNDAS like merry-making, drinking and other public disturbance activities are not allowed and the same health protocols are to be followed.