Celebrates the Holiday YOU!!!

Celebrates the Holiday YOU!!!

Tis the season to be pretty… fah la la la la, la la la la!!! The great thing about holiday makeup is that you have license to wear a bit more. We’re not going to do a tutorial this issue. We’re going to reflect back on what we’ve done and admire the smiles on these lovely ladies’ faces.

There is no right or wrong rules on how to do makeup, only colours with tones and different tricks and techniques that best unleash and showcase your best you.
Please don’t get nervous about putting too much makeup on, or feel flustered and unattractive because you have no idea how to put it on. The truth is BEAUTIFUL lady, no matter how you look, there’s ALWAYS something magnificent about you!!! Don’t be scared to experiment and make mistakes with makeup, it’s okay, and will wash off if need be. Remember, it’s not permanent like a tattoo.

Take a look at these amazing Pinay ladies, and see how we added a touch of beauty to their signature personalities!

Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend, but makeup is a girl’s best accessory! It allows you to enhance the way you feel through the art of primping. We hope we’ve taught you a tip or two through the year.

At PROVICI, when we see that pep in your step, the shine in your eyes or that beaming bright smile, we know we’ve done our job and it has been our privilege.
Have a wonderful holiday season celebrating the joy of being with your loved ones. Make memorable Kodak moments while applying a makeup tip we’ve taught you.

Heartfelt huge holiday hugs!!!