CDI College providing more opportunities for new immigrants

CDI College providing more opportunities for new immigrants

CDI and Reeves College are now paying attention to the dynamic demands of local immigrants who have joined the Canadian society and are yet to immerse fully by becoming financially established. CDI and Reeves College had previously focused its marketing efforts to recruit local Canadians to its student body as one of the leading providers for training in various fields including office administration, pharmacy assistant, and oil and gas admin assistant, IT and especially in health care programs such as medical office administration and pharmacy assistant.

To continue its efforts in providing more opportunities for new immigrants of Canada, Reeves College and CDI college decided to hold a monthly joint info session to provide the public with valuable information about employment and education opportunities, working with job agencies in the area. These info sessions will focus primarily on the topics that immigrants are mostly interested in such as healthcare and technical jobs such as IT and Oil&Gas admin assistant .

The first health care info session is scheduled in February at CDI’s campus by inviting education and career expert.

CDI and Reeves College hopes to continue helping new immigrants with their education and employment needs and wishes them the best in settling into their new homes in Canada.

For more information about the info session please email