Caring for our Environment – Manitoba Holds Workshop on Learning and Living Green

Caring for our Environment – Manitoba Holds Workshop on Learning and Living Green

By Divine Teodoro-Manansala | Information and Education Officer | Caring for our Environment – Manitoba (CEM), Inc.

On August 17, 2019, Caring for our Environment-Manitoba (CEM), a non-profit organization hosted a workshop on “Learning and Living Green for a Sustainable Future” at the Sergeant Tommy Prince Community Centre (formerly North Centennial Recreation and Leisure Facility). Two sessions were held simultaneously, one for kids and the other was for youth and adults. It was a well-attended event with a total of 57 participants of all ages. The event was sponsored by Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA), a non-profit organization.

The workshop sought to increase awareness knowledge and understanding of kids, the youth and adult participants of the importance of protecting our environment that sustains the economy and society. Topics included climate change, 3RC- reduce, reuse, recycle and composting as well as conserving our natural resources. The session consisted of presentations, video shows and interactive group exercises to identify issues and solutions that they can do at school, at home, and in our community to foster sustainable living.

At the end of the session, everyone learned something, and are excited to share it with family, friends and other members of the community and make it a part of their daily lives. “This is a great initiative, everybody should get involved in regardless of age.

There is always something new to learn even for older generations like me” said Alberto, one of the participants.

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