Café Negosyo: Brewing Success One Cup at a Time

With over 30 years in ethnic publishing and a staunch dedication to supporting community initiatives, I’ve found myself in countless coffee meetings that have shaped my journey. My career, which now includes over 6 years in IT and corporate recruiting, has introduced me to a myriad of passionate individuals, each with their unique story and vision. These interactions, often accompanied by a comforting cup of coffee, have been pivotal. They’re not just meetings; they’re where ideas are born, partnerships are forged, and support networks are expanded. It’s from these very encounters, and the continuous flow of invitations for coffee chats on LinkedIn, that the idea of Café Negosyo was brewed.

Engaging with IT candidates for interviews and coffee chats, virtually from the comfort of cafes in Winnipeg.

Café Negosyo is a testament to the power of these connections. It’s an embodiment of my love for coffee intertwined with my passion for fostering business growth within our vibrant Filipino community in Winnipeg.

Each issue of Café Negosyo will bring you a fresh story, served much like your favorite coffee blend. Sitting down with entrepreneurs from our community, I’ll delve into their adventures—highlighting both triumphs and trials. These are stories of individuals who, much like myself, have sat across numerous coffee tables, sharing dreams and crafting realities.

But what truly makes Café Negosyo special is its roots in community and culture. With every sip and story, we celebrate not only individual success but the collective spirit that propels us forward. We’ll explore how our Filipino heritage and values enrich our business endeavors and how, together, we can build a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive.

As I invite you to join me in this journey, let’s reflect on the countless cups of coffee that have brought us together and the countless more that will mark our path ahead. Café Negosyo is your invitation to be inspired, to connect, and to celebrate the essence of our community’s entrepreneurial spirit, one coffee chat at a time.

Networking with local Filipino businesses and professionals – Rex Masesar, Marie-anne Ferrer, JR Alibin and myself at Max’s Restaurant