Bowes Knows Employee Rewards

Bowes Knows Employee Rewards

MFBC hosts Barbara Bowes at first seminar of the new year

MFBC President Jon Reyes surprised the audience by explaining how he knew Barbara Bowes. He presented a tattered book (obviously loved and used many times) in his opening address to the crowd on how to build your resume. Jon acquired this from Barbara in the 1980’s when she helped him when he moved back to Winnipeg. How nice to see this personal experience from one of the group members to share with others!

Barbara is known for combining her working world experiences with personal stories. Barbara delivered a wonderful presentation and delivered on this experience for MFBC. Barbara came to Winnipeg in the 60’s as a single mom with her children. She stated if people did not help her like they did when she first arrived to Winnipeg, from a small town, she would not be where she is today. This is why she has made it her life’s promise to always try her best to help anyone new to Winnipeg!

As the President of Legacy Bowes Group, Barbara is definitely a busy lady as Winnipeg’s premier human resource (HR) advisor. From working as a teacher’s assistant and being a principal reason why we now have teacher’s assistants (TAs) in the school system today – to also running as a School Trustee in the Maples area in the 1980’s with her slogan – “Bowes knows !” on simple bookmark advertising, Barbara is a lady with hardworking abilities, creativity and ingenuity . This made her a fabulous candidate to be in human resources as a consultant. Her presentation on total rewards – how employees can be rewarded in other ways besides monetarily for job satisfaction hit home for many members – using examples of members’ businesses to get her points across. Work is an exchange relationship of time, talents, efforts and results. The main points included the knowledge to know what your job is worth (11 factors) and the attraction of Organizational culture has 8 motivators of what will motivate your employees. For those of you who missed this, MFBC holds monthly events to help you help run your business, better your knowledge base and your employee relationships. Do not miss out on the next event, February 16th!

For more information on Barbara Bowes, please visit her website and or contact her at the Bowes Legacy Group – and
The next meeting for networking and learning something new and educational for your business is again on February 16th, 2012. Rob McIntyre from Dale Carnegie training will be presenting effective communications and human relations and skills for success. for your reserved spot – free for members and $20.00 for future members !