Blessed Forgetfulness

Our Suite is just enough for the two of us. A One-Bedroom Suite in a senior home at the West End of the City of Winnipeg, where I made frequent steps from here and there. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the bedroom from the kitchen, I often forget what I was planning to do when I got there. Some researchers have come up with an explanation for this phenomenon. They propose that a doorway serves as an “event boundary.”

Some theory say that a doorway signals the brain that the information held in memory can be filed away – but it’s frustrating when I’m standing there trying to remember why I came to the bedroom.

However, forgetfulness can be a blessing. When I shut the door to our bedroom at night and settle down to sleep. it’s a blessing to forget the worries of the day.

When I think of the fact that Jesus called Himself “the door” (John 10:7-9) I gain a new appreciation for this metaphor. When sheep enter the pen. they enter a safe place protected from thieves and predators. For believers, the Great Shepherd is the door between us and our enemies. Once we enter the sheepfold, we can “forget” all dangers and threats. We can enjoy divine forgetfulness and rest in the protection of the Great Shepherd.

Christ is the door that keeps us in and keeps the dangers out.

A SHARED BOND (Ephesians 2:11-18)

When a couple requested our assistance to sponsor their child who was born in the Philippines, we gladly assisted them find the best and legal way to have their child come to Canada and enjoy life with the, What a joy we have in our hearts when we learned that we came from the same province in the Philippines and have the same love for Christ – the joy of meeting someone else who love Jesus must be even greater. It is so thrilling to share together the amazing reality of the freedom from sin we have through Christ.

For all who know Jesus, there is a shared bond, a oneness in Christ (Galatians 3:8), a joy of fellowship that can brighten even the darkest day. Praise God that He brings a bond of unity to all who know Him as Savior.

What a miracle it is dear Lord, that you can bring together people of all tribes, tongues, and nations to be like-minded in Christ – to share a bond of love and affection. Christian fellowship builds us up and binds us together.

After all the process and patiently waiting, the couple we met have their sponsorship approved and living happily with their child in Canada.