Blasting Down Garbage Hill

Blasting Down Garbage Hill

It’s winter and it’s time to have a blast! From epic toboggan hills and frozen ponds, there’s no shortage of winter activities for the entire family in Winnipeg. Grab you snow pants, mitts and hot pockets and embrace the beauty of winter.

It’s officially known as Westview Park and I grew up calling it “Garbage Hill.” The park is located north of Polo Park Shopping Centre and was once a city landfill that is now one of several tobogganing hotspots in Winnipeg. The north side of Westview Park is where all the action happens. Old rubber tires line the metal fence on the north perimter of the park and act as cushions in case tobogganers feel a need for racing down the hill without brakes.

Thanks to El Nino and a very mild winter in Winnipeg, the park was busy last weekend with hypercharged kids rushing down the hill in toboggans, plastic sleds, snow racers and flat pieces of cardboard. Kids and teenagers raced down the slopes as parents watched as they sipped on mugs of warmed beverages.

Garbage Hill offers a wide range of runs for everyone to enjoy. There are several small and easy hills perfectly designed for babies and toddlers. The big hill is where most of the action and fun happens. Most of it’s fun, and for the time I was there shooting, there were a fair amount of epic wipeouts and the occasional tobogganer getting bowled over by other tobogganers.

Other toboggan hills in Winnipeg include Civic Park (901 Kimberley Ave.), Victoria Jason Park (255 Redonda), Harbourview Recreation Complex (1867 Springfield Road) and Westview Park (aka Garbage Hill, 1 Midland Street).

If toboggan hills aren’t your thing, several city parks are home to winter slides. There are winter slides at St. Vital Park, Crescent Drive Park, Kildonan Park, Bunn’s Creek Park, Fraser’s Grove Park, Waterfront Drive and Whitter Park. With the exception of Waterfront Drive and Whittier Park, all winter slides have night lighting and warming areas.

While the Forks is known for the skating rings and newly opened skating trails, the Forks is also home to a small toboggan hill and great for the babies and toddlers. There is a 1km on-land skating trail at the Forks that starts from the Rink Under the Canopy and through the Forks site. Trails connect from the hockey rink at Festival Park Stage, the pedestrian rail bridge and back to the canopy. Skate rentals at The Forks Market are also available.
Get out an enjoy winter!