Bison wrangles long-term talent in Filipino community

Bison wrangles long-term talent in Filipino community

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Rod and Rudy Mina have a few things in common.

The two professional heavy-duty technicians share more than a job title and last name. The brothers also tell similar stories of immigrating to a country brimming with opportunities, planting their roots in Manitoba and building what came to be lifelong careers at Bison Transport.

In the 1970’s, Rudy’s wife sponsored his move to Manitoba from Saudi Arabia. He was out of work for over a year before a former employer referred him to apply at Bison. That was 22 years ago, where he began working as one of the sole technicians for a modest fleet of 15 trucks – Bison now has 1,400 tractors and 4000 trailers.

“Bison is the best company I’ve worked for, and that’s why I’ve stayed so long,” says Rudy.

Rod juggled multiple jobs before being referred to the transportation company by his older brother. He got his first taste at Bison working as a part-time technician, and soon saw long-term opportunities within the company. He later made a full-time commitment to Bison, and has yet to take a backwards glance after 19 dedicated years.

On an average day, Rudy and Rod ensure Bison’s fleet is fully maintained and safe to drive by conducting preventative maintenance and repairs.

“We work in a clean environment with a good maintenance program,” says Rudy.

The standard of care invested into maintaining the company’s vehicles explains how they’ve earned the name North America’s Safest Fleet. Their title is recognized by the TCA (Truckload Carrier’s Association), one of which they’ve proudly held for the last eight consecutive years.

Bison also offers technicians like Rod and Rudy consistent training to stay up-to-date on their industry’s standard practices and new processes.

“They give you everything here,” says Rod. “Technicians can come from the Philippines and learn very easily at Bison. They’ll help train you and even send you to school.”

Employment opportunities at the company are also fulfilled through apprenticeships. The brothers have referred numerous friends who began as apprentices, and now hold fulfilling full-time jobs.

The frequency of referrals at Bison is no coincidence. Over 50% of new hires at Bison are referred, which is why they have many long-term success stories like Rod and Rudy’s.

“The people here are like brothers,” says Rudy. “Filipino newcomers should try applying at Bison. It’s a great place to work!”

Do you see a future working for a team that boasts one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures?

As a thriving company invested in cutting-edge innovation and technology, Bison Transport is currently looking to expand their team of heavy duty technicians and professional drivers. Employment opportunities for family or friends currently in Manitoba or the Philippines are available!

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