Bisaman rallies to help the earthquake and typhoon victims

Bisaman rallies to help the earthquake and typhoon victims

While at the height of the fund raising campaign for the Bohol earthquake victims, the officers and members of the Bisaya Association of Manitoba had no idea that there was a brewing tropical depression in the Pacific, let alone to know that the Central Visayas was the target of the storm.

It happened too fast and the tropical storm was considered as the super typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines, Yolanda.

The officers and members of the BISAMAN were totally affected by the super typhoon and this calamity has added the demand to raise more money.

“Total devastation is what typhoon Yolanda did to the Central Visayas and we confronted with more responsibilities to raise more funds,” said Dong Calunia, president of BISAMAN. ” It was a calamity after calamnity, and we are mobilizing our members to help raise the fund.

Donations and other forms of help have been pouring in and Bisaman had to find a place to hold their fundraising campaign. They could not find a vernue for their fundraising and fortunately, the officers and board of directors of the newly constructed Punjab Centre at King Edward was offered to them for free.
“It is a real blessing that this new Punjab Centre is offered to us for the venue of our fundraisning, and as if it was a miracle, the miracle of giving, of sharing with other ethnic group, ” added Calunia..

With help of Josie Rana and Luz,and other officers and other organizations, tickets were distributed and sold. “With so many guests tonight, all are here to help us meet our fundraising goals, is a great success, a real blessing ,” he said with smile.

Grant Park High School donated more than $800 from the food sale initiative led by Rose Solitario.

MP Kevin Lamoureux donated 20 boxes of pizza; and the prizes for the auctions were donated by businesses and individuals.

Fundraising activities are still going on and your donations are will accepted. The officers of Bisaman include Dong Calunia, president;Raffy Alingsog, vice-president; Alex Makiling, scretary; Salvador Binas, treasurer; Geng Ramos, business manager;Mar Gabutero, auditor; Cecilio Ramos, Gerry Maruya and Joseph Casas, sgt. at arms.

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | Filipino Journal