A pinay’s guide to planning your big day

Back in the old days (and by that, I actually only mean a decade or so ago), memories of weddings past were showcased by flipping through dusty old photo albums.

Nowadays, physical prints are considered passé and weddings are shared in real time. Your guests will freely post, hashtag and geotag the festivities, and share their social media captures with the rest of the online universe.

That’s because we’re part of the digital generation. Our pockets and purses are brimming with smartphones, tablets and WiFi-enabled cameras. Our friends and family want to see what we’re doing and know where we are right now.

If you want to address today’s era of immediacy, contemplate including social media friendly architecture within your wedding landscape.
1.Build a wedding website.

This step is easy enough, provided you have a techy partner or take advantage of the many user-friendly website building services. Register a domain, choose a few of your stunning engagement photos, and make sure to include any important details on social media etiquette for your guests. With the help of a comprehensive template or simple plug-in, you can also share the bride and groom’s social media timelines leading up to the big day.

2.Choose a hashtag.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “hashtag”, it’s used to describe a word or unspaced phrase preceded by the hash symbol (e.g. #engagement, #wildwedding or #bestweddingever). This tag can be used on a number of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When you click on the hashtag, it compiles a list of all previous posts which featured that exact tag.

Using a hashtag allows your guests to preview surrounding activity, and gives you the chance to experience the affair once the day is over (because there are no guarantees you’ll have time to stop and stare at your phone for more than a few minutes).

3.Pick a photo booth with social media features.

Some photo booth services have incorporated technology allowing you to post photos you’ve taken at their station directly to your social media accounts. Some services will even allow you to print photos at their station if you include a specific hashtag in your post. Make sure to inquire if these features are included in your package or available at an additional rate.

4.Preview your wedding with visual teasers.

Hashtags aren’t only appropriate on the day of. You can include the tag with posts leading up to your wedding day, like when you start shopping for a dress, tasting cakes, or picking out floral arrangements.

5.Compile your memories online.

And here’s where all those handy hashtags come in! By using a service like Storify, you can connect to all your major social media networks to one master timeline. Here, you’ll have the option to pick and choose your favourite posts to complete a digital “story” of your wedding day to share with your loved ones.

Social media has changed the way we experience weddings, and adds another dimension to how we can share those tender memories. Above all else, make share you’re comfortable with how much or how little social media is integrated into your special day. Let’s not forget, photos – and social media posts – can last a lifetime!