Bernadette Sembrano afflicted with Bell’s Palsy

Bernadette Sembrano afflicted with Bell’s Palsy

TV and radio personality Bernadette Sembrano first noticed something was wrong when she felt pain on her ears while taping the July 3 episode of “Salamat Dok,” an ABS-CBN medical television program which she’s hosting.

Another attack occurred on the same day while she was working on “TV Patrol,” wherein she discovered she can’t control the blinking and closing of her eyes.

Although on examination her ophthalmologist found nothing wrong with her, she got even more worried as the symptoms worsened.

Sembrano went on to see a neurologist for more tests, who eventually confirmed that she has Bell’s Palsy, a form of facial paralysis resulting from dysfunction of the facial nerve that results in the inability to control facial muscles.

The veteran newscaster and radio-TV host disclosed during a TV interview that she was shock upon learning of her condition. Nevertheless she finds comfort in knowing that Bell’s Palsy is not a life-threatening disorder.

The disease which was named after Scottish anatomist Charles Bell who first described it, is considered self-limiting and treatment may be unnecessary
Sembrano started her career as newscaster on IBC-13 and in 1998 transferred to GMA.

In 2005, she moved to ABS-CBN where she is currently hosting “Salamat Dok,” and co-anchoring “TV Patrol-Weekend.” She is also a regular feature in several DZMM radio programs