Behind The Sash

Behind The Sash

A glimpse into two weeks of pavilion hopping

I am so grateful to Magdaragat for giving me the honour of representing the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion at this year’s Folklorama.

Being an ambassador is more than giving speeches, taking VIPs on tours, wearing cultural attire, and visiting other pavilions. Ambassadors promote Folklorama at events throughout the city in the months leading up to the kick-off in July. We attend workshops on public speaking and required to be knowledgeable about Folklorama and our own culture and history. Ambasssdors also volunteer for wonderful organizations such as Winnipeg Harvest, Children’s Hospital, and St Amant Centre. I was also fortunate to have placed as a finalist during the Folklorama General Ambassador competion.

During this journey, I’ve enriched my understanding of other cultures and traditions. I’ve tried foods and drinks from around the world. I’ve danced the cha-cha, the limbo, and the polka on different pavillion stages and even tried balancing a wine bottle on my head. I’ve made new friends and met some great people from other pavilions, the media, and all levels of government.

Most importantly, I’ve learned more about my culture and my place in the Filipino community; I’ve never felt more proud to be a Filipino-Canadian in Winnipeg!

By Primrose Madayag Knazan, Adult Ambassador for the Philippine Pearl of the Orient Pavilion.